Come & Spend a Day With Us!

As parents, we understand the frustration and uncertainty that may come with choosing a childcare service. For some parents, it's a feeling that can't be compared to anything because this is your precious, priceless, and irreplaceable son or daughter. Nothing compares. 

Various concerns/issues may arise when choosing childcare such as the cost, safety, quality, inappropriate influences, poor communication, high teacher turnover, etc. 

Our goal is to add value to the lives of the children and families we serve. We do this by paying attention to what parents need and what children need. We do our best to meet those needs. We maintain high quality by regularly evaluating the effectiveness of our programs and we make changes as necessary. The only time we reevaluate our program, aside from the regular times, is when we accept a new family. On your child's first day, he or she will be stepping into a new routine with a schedule and system already in place. However, over the first few weeks following their first day, we will monitor how well our group interacts and how functional the physical environment is with our newest member. This may create a need to adjust our physical environment, teaching techniques, or transitional times. You could say that in a way our program revolves around our children. 

We invite and encourage our new parents to drop in and spend a day with us so that they can see the program in action. You can participate in and witness the various planned (and sometimes unplanned) activities and learning experiences we have daily. We do, however, understand that the reason you need us is because you work during the day, so a "whole" day may not be an option but you are welcome to use whatever time you can set aside to spend with us. For the safety and protection of our children, this option is open to new and current parents only.

Prospective parents are welcome to make appointments with a tour specialist.

The following documents are required on or before your child's first day.

  •       Child Registration Form (online option)
  •       Copy of child?s birth certificate
  •       Copy of Parent/Guardian Photo ID
  •       Immunization Record
  •       Physical Examination Record
  •       Supply List
  •    Additional New Family Packet Forms

The following payments will be due on or before your child's first day of care:

  •    One full weeks tuition
  •    Annual Registration Fee $60.00

The above listed items are extremely important and have an impact on how smoothly our program runs. Parents play an important role in helping us to maintain our program at a high quality level by submitting required documents/payments in a timely manner.